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Are you thinking of buying a wood garage door because it looks more natural? It is absolutely a good choice. Even so, did you know that you can get the same result with a steel door ?

We have both wood and metal doors. But the fact is wood garage doors are heavier than steel garage doors, and they need more maintenance. With new technology and new door generation you can have a steel garage door with the same appearence  of a wood door. Steel doors are even more durable and more energy efficient and need less maintenance.

The most common sizes of garage doors are known as single car garage door and double car garage doors. A single car garage door is 8*7(ft) and a double car garage door is 16*7(ft). We provide custom size garage doors.

A garage door in terms of quality can be different. Non insulated, insulated and highly insulated are 3 different quality of the mosy garage doors.  

Non insulated: A Non insulated garage doors is only one layer of steel with R-VALUE of 0.0 

Insulated: An insulated construction is made by 2 layer of steels and one layer of polystyrene.

Highly insulated : A highly insulated construction is made by 2 layer of steels and one layer of polyurethane.

Garage doors need to be maintained by an expert. At the beginning of each season, give your garage door  and your opener a checkup. First, make sure that your door opens and closes completely. If it is unable to open or close completly or if it makes noise more than usual contact your garage door company for inspection. 

To test a garage door first you need to pull the emergency red cord and put the door in manual. You should be able to operate the door easily with one hand. If the door doesn’t operate smoothly your spring is not working or needs adjustment. Aromex garage door experts will be able to determine the exact problem and help you out. 

Finally, check your garage door opener system that has two sensor eyes located on each side of the garage door. Your door won’t close if an object or a person comes between the sensors.

A garage door can be very dangerous, changing a garage door spring or cable should be done by an expert. Is not recommended to touch your garage door before having enough knowledge and experience. Also if you don’t choose the right spring size the door may not operate properly. In this case we recommend calling your garage door experts to change any hardwares of the door as they follow the safety and steps to change the hardwar

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